Saturday, December 8, 2007

Membership of UOCA Conditions


1. New Members –
All new members are only admitted if there is no dissent by another member. Potential new members will have their details and brief history emailed to all current members and members will have one week to dissent against their membership. If no member dissents after one week the new member will be notified of their acceptance into the family. A dissenting member must email in the subject area 'black ball' and the name of the person and provide a reason for their dissent, which will be emailed to the group. If any member opposes this dissent and reason, then they may email UOCA with an explanation within one week of the dissent notification. If their explanation is reasonable, their explanation will be sent to the group and if over one third of members vote to reject, the member will not be accepted. Members will have one week to vote from the date the explanation is emailed. A simple 'black ball' and the new members name in the subject area of the email is required.

In the spirit of democracy - contact UOCA if you believe there is someone who you would like to join the family; then ask them to email UOCA directly giving the reasons why they wish to join and a history about themselves.

2. Communication between members –
As a member you can email UOCA privately or email collectively the entire group, or any number of persons within the group. You have to be aware that each member will have access to your email and will have the freedom to contact you. So if you do not wish this then do not consent.

3. Disputes and Removal of members –
Furthermore if any member is unhappy about another member or wishes them to be removed from the family, then please email UOCA. On any family member of Pews request on reasonable grounds, a referendum will be held requiring a two thirds majority vote by all members to remove any member. An email will be sent to all members outlining the grievance and a time limit of one week will be given to vote. A simple 'black ball' typed next to the members name and sent in the subject area will suffice as a removal vote. No vote is necessary to not remove the member. The member will be suspended for that week.

4. Leaving the Family –
Furthermore it should also be stated that if at any time any one of you does not want to hold membership and receive the Pews, that a simple email to UOCA stating in the subject column 'remove Pews' should suffice. All members will then be notified by email of the member’s removal from the family and it will be a condition that members will agree not to contact that member by email. It will also be a condition that the member leaving will not contact any members of the family by email. The only exception to this will be if the leaving member and the person they wish to contact who is a member both consent to contacting each other. This will be done by emailing UOCA a request to contact that person, and UOCA will email them and if they consent, UOCA will notify the person who would like to contact them that they may use that person's email address.